Air Dates: 2000 through 2001 on MTTV 10, Murfreesboro.

Location: Nashville, Smyrna and La Vergne, TN.

About: WMF Medium Rare holds the record as the highest-rated series in MTTV history. This professional wrestling show aired during the peak of the World Wrestling Federation’s “WWF RAW”. However, on “WMF Medium Rare”, you wouldn’t see Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock. Instead, weekly viewers were treated to the dubious talents of local professional wrestlers and an onslaught of redneck fans, all brought to them by the evil federation owner, Mr. Carlo.

In an interview for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Mr. Carlo shared his thoughts on this legendary series: “One of the innovations I was proudest of was our newly-developed type of video processing," said Carlo. "Instead of Colorization, we used my patented Toothization to digitally enhance teeth into the mouths of the redneck fans. This helped keep the show up to the high standards of MTTV.”

You can send hate-mail to Mr. Carlo via his myspace.